Hexagonal 4Way Outlet Socket Extension Lead Surge Protected Adaptor Power Strip With 4 USB Port (2 Fast Charge And 2 Normal Charge) Flower Charger

  • ₦6,000.00
  • Save ₦4,000

Product color: blue,
Product material: PC bulletproof plastic engineering plastics 
USB port: 4 (2 fast charge and 2 normal charge) 
The plug port: four small five hole 
Rated current: 10 A
Rated voltage: 110-240V
Rated power: 2000W

Military level material 
High-end environmental protection material, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant 
Through the European ROHS certification 
National security standard of high quality copper USB interface 
Security wear-resisting of superconductivity 
Surface through special processing to increase touch